Executive Management

Executive Management is responsible for evaluating significant risks to the business and for the design and operation of appropriate internal controls; ensuring that resolutions of the Board of Directors are carried out; ensuring that the company operation is in accordance with the principles of Shariaa; providing the Board of Directors with analyses, assessments and recommendations regarding the company’s activities and information required.

The Executive Management team consists of:

▢ Tarek Fahmy, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director (CEO & MD)

▢ Hossam Abdel Aziz, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (DCEO)

▢ Haitham Amin, Deputy CEO - Business (Leasing & Factoring)

▢ Nora Nofal, Chief Marketing Officer - Leasing (CMO - Leasing)

▢ Al Sherif Zahran, Chief Marketing Officer - Factoring (CMO - Factoring)

▢ Mona Youssef Chief Credit Officer (CCO)

▢ Sara Fawzy Chief Risk Officer – Leasing (CRO – Leasing)

▢ Ihab Abdel Moneim, Chief Audit Officer (CAO)

▢ Ahmed El Badawy, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
▢ Mahmoud Helmy Deputy Chief Financial Officer (DCFO)

▢ Mohamed Afifi, Chief Information Officer (CIO)
▢ Ashraf Sewailem Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)

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