Corporate Profile

A.T. LEASE was established in 2005 and commenced its operations in 2006 to be the first Islamic Shariaa Compliant leasing company in Egypt.

A.T. LEASE is an affiliate of Dallah Al-Baraka Group (DBG); one of the pioneers in International Islamic Banking founded in 1969 by Sheikh Saleh Kamel.

With a current Authorized capital of EGP 1 billion and a paid-in capital of EGP 437 million.

We provide innovative tailored Leasing & Factoring solutions that help corporations to develop and enrich the Egyptian economy.

The only company in the leasing and factoring industry listed in EGX, the IPO took place in Dec 2017 with a significant success.

A.T. LEASE successfully completed 4 Securitization transactions with an accumulated securitized portfolio of approx. EGP 5 billion, in which the 2nd securitization transaction won  the “Best Securitization Transaction of the Year”

Our CEO & MD “Mr. Tarek Fahmy” is the current Egyptian Leasing Federation (ELF) Chairman. 

A.T. LEASE is a member of the Egyptian Factoring Federation.

A.T. LEASE is the lowest expected credit loss provisions in the industry.

A.T. LEASE opened its first branch in Alexandria in April 2012.

A.T.LEASE CEO Statement

Dear A.T.Lease Shareholders and Valued Customers, 


As we are entering the 18th year of our presence in the Egyptian market, I am thrilled to recount the story of A.T.Lease In a period marked by economic uncertainties; our company not only navigated challenges but also emerged as a beacon of resilience and innovation in the leasing landscape. 


Our success is deeply rooted in our client-centric approach. Throughout the years, we remained steadfast in providing customized solutions, strengthening our relationships with clients, and positioning our self as a trusted partner in their growth. 


Our Mission has always been to contribute to the growth of the Egyptian economy by offering integrated and innovative Leasing & Factoring solutions to support healthy growth of a wide range of corporations. 


Behind every achievement, that we made is a dedicated team. Our employees, faced with dynamic market conditions, not only met challenges head-on but also transformed them into opportunities for expansion and improvement. In the leasing industry, adaptation is key, and our team has showcased exceptional adaptability ensuring our continued success. 


Innovation has been the corner stone of our journey. We have streamlined processes, making transactions more efficient and seamless for our clients. 


This commitment to innovation is not just about staying current; it is about anticipating the evolving needs of our clients and leading the way in rapidly changing leasing landscape.


In our 18th year, we are the largest and best Leasing & Factoring Company in Egypt, we are the only leasing company listed in the Egyptian Stock Market and we have a top quality-leasing portfolio, a significant market share and the best performance ratios and indicators in the Egyptian Leasing Market. 


We remain committed to being at the forefront of the leasing industry, offering cutting-edge solutions, innovation, and flexibility to our Valued Customers. 


I extend my sincere appreciation to our Shareholders, Board of Directors, Clients, and our one-of-a-kind Team Members for their trust and collaboration.



Tarek Fahmy 



Mission Statement

We strive to contribute to the growth of the Egyptian economy by offering integrated and innovative leasing & factoring solutions to support healthy growth of a wide range of corporations.


We promote corporate values that make our people feel proud to be part of our organization.

People are our main asset and we strongly believe in:

The unique value A.T. LEASE will offer to its customers:

▢ Agile Response
▢ Innovative Solutions
▢ High Quality

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