Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

We are committed to an effective and transparent corporate governance framework and to provide our investors with complete and up to date information.

Applying Corporate Governance is important in A.T. LEASE to consider the interests of both the shareholders and stakeholders.

We apply Corporate Governance through transparency, disclosure and wise management that leads to endorsing accountability and adherence to the economic welfare.

Applying Corporate Governance in A.T. LEASE assures:

▢ Achieving our strategic goals set by the Board of Directors.
▢ Increase efficiency of activities and minimize risks.
▢ Successfully achieve proper composition of the Board of Directors and the formed committees to help ensure that the company is being soundly managed.
▢ Get easier access to capital markets and decrease the cost of capital.
▢ Transparency and disclosure.
▢ Business Sustainability.
▢ Sustaining our positive reputation and raise the level investors and client’s trust.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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