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  Investor Relations/علاقات المستثمرين > Securitization/التوريق > Second Securitization/التوريقة الثانية >

Second Securitization / التوريقة الثانية



Al Tawfeek Securitization Company (ATS) - 2nd Issue 2021-2025

(Leasing Receivables Pool Originated by Al Tawfeek Leasing Company - A.T.Lease)


This is the second securitization transaction issued by Al-Tawfeek for Securitization Company (ATS) and the second securitization transaction originated by Al Tawfeek Leasing Company - A.T.Lease.


Al-Tawfeek for Securitization Company, an SPV owned by A.T.LEASE, issued bonds for EGP 1,087,000,000 backed by a static amortization pool of receivables. The pool includes financial lease contracts, with no ballon payments and divided into three tranches as follows:


Bond Details

Tranche A

Tranche B

Tranche C

Bond Size





13 Months

37 Months

48 Months

Credit Rating




The second transaction made on three tranches, which received on outstanding credit rating of AA+, AA and A respectively from the Middle East Credit Rating and Investor Service (MERIS). The rating is based on the credit quality of the underlying leasing receivables, which reflects the originator's strict underwriting, collection and monitoring guidelines and procedures.

The success of bond issuance reflects the vision of the board of directors and the executive managment of the comapany and its strategy over the past years in building a hight-quality portfolio that has made A.T.Lease always at the top rank of the major companies in the leasing industry in Egypt.

The proceeds of the securitization process will be used to enhance the company's financial position, as well as support future growth plans and maximize profitability and return on investment.

Worth mentioning that, Misr Capital Co. acted as Financial Advisor, Lead Arranger and Main Underwriter jointly with (Misr Bank, Suez Canal Bank and Attijariwafa Bank Egypt) and ALC Alieldin Weshahi & Partners acted as Legal Advisor and BakerTilly - Hilal and Abdel Ghaffar acted as External Auditor and Misr Bank acted as Custodian and Back-Up Servicer.

 التصنيف الإئتمانى للإصدار الثانى  




البيـــــــــان PDF Download
صرف الكوبون رقم 35 
صرف الكوبون رقم 34 
صرف الكوبون رقم 33 
صرف الكوبون رقم 32 
صرف الكوبون رقم 31 
 صرف الكوبون رقم 30 
 صرف الكوبون رقم 29
 صرف الكوبون رقم 28
 صرف الكوبون رقم 27
 صرف الكوبون رقم 26 
 صرف الكوبون رقم 25 
 صرف الكوبون رقم 24 
 صرف الكوبون رقم 23 
 صرف الكوبون رقم 22 
 صرف الكوبون رقم 21 
 صرف الكوبون رقم 20 
 صرف الكوبون رقم 19
 صرف الكوبون رقم 18
 صرف الكوبون رقم 17
 صرف الكوبون رقم 16
 صرف الكوبون رقم 15
 صرف الكوبون رقم 14
 صرف الكوبون رقم 13
 صرف الكوبون رقم 12  
 صرف الكوبون رقم 11  
 صرف الكوبون رقم 10  
 صرف الكوبون رقم 9  
 صرف الكوبون رقم 8  
 صرف الكوبون رقم 7  
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 صرف الكوبون رقم 5  
 صرف الكوبون رقم 4 
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 صرف الكوبون رقم 2  
 صرف الكوبون رقم 1  
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